Monday, 25 February 2013


On Saturday we all went to Elmina castle in the Cape Coast area west of Accra.  Elmina was a primary site from which African slaves were sent by the Portuguese, Dutch then the British.  The site is profoundly sobering as it forces each visitor to face the evidence of unimaginable cruelty that persisted for hundreds of years.

Our first glimpse of Elmina--it doesn't look so ominous from a distance.  

A cell in which up to 300 women could be held for as long as 3 months waiting for a ship to transport them.

The gate of no return.  Once through this doorway the slaves were loaded onto ships.

Our brief experience inside one of the detention cells--this is the cell where people survived because there was air and light.


Elmina fishing boats seen from the top of the castle.

Up top the wind, ocean view, and fresh air was wonderfully refreshing !

Kirsten and Nathaly

Nathaly and Morgan


Elmina fishing boats.

Elmina at sunrise.  

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