Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Nana, our very favorite Chief !  Nana did is PhD in Australia and Masters at UofA--that is how the connection with our faculty began.  Our link with the nurses of the CHPS clinic is one of several initiatives he has fostered to help the village.

The nurses of Apemanim:  Christie, Naa, Gloria, Adowa

Stephanie, Kelsey and Carly in the clinic store room almost finished doing inventory of the supplies that we brought.

Children and women's clinic in a neighbouring village.  We walked to a couple villages to do immunizations, weigh and assess babies and assess children for various health issues.  

Sadly we've learned how to recognize signs of malaria in children.  Kofi is one of the children feeling really miserable with it.  

The nurses pounding fufu.  It is amazing that no fingers get squashed!

All the nurses, Ghanaian and Canadian, dressed for the Derba.  

Baby Yaa.  

Chiefs' procession at the Derba.  This event was to raise funds for a school. 

Traditional dancing as part of the ceremony.

All attendee's contribute to the school fund; this is the nurses making their contribution.
Adwoa was the first nurse in the Apemanim clinic.  She is currently doing midwifery training and will return as the village's midwife in a year.  She was recognized for her work.

Jaime and some of the children.

Morgan and Rachel.  We all had a child on our laps for the event--obrunis are quite the novelty.

Jac getting a big smile.

We gathered at Nana's after the event.

How to tie a baby on your back.  That's Kirsten getting the privilege.  Somehow, babies from newborn up 'know' to stay still while you put the cloth around them.  

We're thrilled when people ask to have their photo taken!

This lady lives next to Nana's compound.  She asked for a photo of her sweeping.  Sweeping is a sound we wake to each morning--along with roosters.

Informal chat time with the nurses.

There's nothing like a warm Ghanaian welcome.

Christie and Naa were brave enough to take 11 obrunis to the Kumasi market. That's Kirsten's back again. 

Buying Africa necklaces--yes it is total bedlam!  

Fabric anyone?  

With Nana.

With the Queen Mother.

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